👷🏻‍♂️ Consultancy & Areas of Expertise

A technologist to the core, I delve deep into systems, concepts, software, tools, services and methodologies to unravel new ways to improve productivity, team effectiveness and reduce friction in the workplace. I’ve accumulated a broad set of varying skills across a wide range of applications.


RTB Programmatic Media Buying DSP & DMP Management Cookieless & Privacy Tracking Templates & UTM Google Ads Script Email Marketing Configuration Impression, Click & Ad Tags Google Merchant Center Product Catalogue RSS Feeds


Advanced Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging (sGTM) Meta Conversions API Adobe Analytics Amplitude Google Universal Analytics Google Analytics 4 Appsflyer


Google Search Console JSON-LD Structured Data Screaming Frog

Data Manipulation

Advanced Spreadsheet Formulae Regular Expressions (RegEx) Databases (SQL) SQL queries Google BigQuery Google Datastudio Microsoft PowerBI

Web & Development

HTTP Requests HTML/CSS Bootstrap Hugo Cloudflare Pages & Workers Git Github & Bitbucket Basic Devops Platform API’s Wordpress Shopify Magento Security Headers


Linux, Windows & macOS System Integration Notion & Chatbots Audio/Video Codecs and Bitrates

SAAS Setup & Configuration

Domain & DNS Configuration Google Workspace Administration Microsoft Office 365 Email Security (DKIM, SPF, MTA-STS and DMARC)

IT & Hardware

Networking 'Homelab' Servers & VPS Networking Virtual Machines Docker & Containers Zero-Trust Security Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Node Automation

💹 Advertising Platform Experience

Deep practical and theoretical experience with a plethora of self-serve advertising platforms, including attribution models, pixel implementation, Conversions API & server-to-server tracking.

Meta Google Ads Search Google Ads Display Google Ads Performance Max Google Ads Youtube Google Ads Discovery Teads + Cookieless DV360 Yahoo DSP TikTok Ads Zemanta Snapchat Spotify Linkedin Microsoft Bing Taboola Outbrain Quora Twitter Ads Reddit Tencent Global AdsMurai Near Waze

👨🏻‍💻 Notable Ad Tech Contributions (github)

🔗 Collection of Platform Click ID Parameters

Collation of global list of URL parameter fur use as exclusion, inclusion, filtering of analytics and/or ad platform pixel trigger critera.

🔗 IPmeta Tag Template for GA4

Google Tag Manager Public Community template (submitted to Google) for the great spam and bot traffic filter service provided by IpMeta.

🔗 Google Chat Tag Template & Formatting Guideline

Google Tag Manager Public Community template (submitted to Google) for the chat service within Google Workspace (and gmail), which can be used to communicate website actions, such as conversions or form submissions, in real-time to client or agency teams, for faster visibility of ad performance and help troubleshoot issues with ease.

🔗 GTM-integration-Hugo

Advanced integration of Google Tag Manager for the Hugo static site generator framework. It includes a set of templates and shortcodes that supports the environments feature of Google Tag Manager that hooks into Hugo’s staging/development mode. It also supports variables for server-side tagging and custom hostnames to serve the gtm.js script.

📺 Dashboards & Visualization

Well-versed with planning and building of interactive data visualization tools such as Looker Studio (prev. Google Datastudio) and Microsoft Power BI, coupled with data-ingestion services such as Supermetrics, Google Bigquery and SQL queries.

Featured Build:

Campaign & Website Performance Dashboard

Campaign & Website Performance Dashboard in Looker Studio

📖 Company Wiki

Using no-code tools such as Notion, Coda, Tana or Craft, below is a screenshot of an in-depth “Company Wiki” built as a knowledge base for company staff to find critical information pertaining to their role, such as claim forms, employee handbook, cheat sheets, guides and tutorials.

Sample Screenshot of Company Wiki developed in Notion