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Henrik Söderlund

Ex-Founder of Creme Digital | Ad Tech 🛠️ | Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics 📊 | Server-Side Tagging | Digital Advertising & Media Buying 📣 | Measurement & Data Visualization 📈

Hello! 👋🏼

I’m Henrik Söderlund, Media Activations Lead – Initiative Perth @ KINESSO. As ex-founder and technical lead of award-winning boutique media agency Creme Digital I bring deep experience in building and leading effective teams that manage RTB Programmatic, Search, Social, Mobile and Video advertising whilst injecting personal edge expertise in advanced ad performance tracking, measurement & server-side tagging/analytics.

Born a Swede, optimisation and problem-solving is in my genes, demonstrated in the fruition of agency performance tracking solutions, operational processes and SOPs. My wide-ranging technology- and systems skillset enables us to manage annual multi-million dollar media budgets with impressive accuracy whilst keeping operational expenditure to a minimum.

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